A Precious Child: January Compassion Project

//A Precious Child: January Compassion Project

A Precious Child: January Compassion Project

As a Denver Marketing Agency, one of our goals at Media Myndz, is to volunteer to help Non-Profit Organizations throughout Denver continue to thrive. We plan to do this through our Compassion Project which began in early January 2018. Our Compassion Project consists of volunteering at local organizations while using our Marketing abilities to capture our experience. We hope that by taking our followers along a journey of kindness, we will open people’s eyes. By sharing the love that is so freely given throughout Denver, we hope that people will be reminded that kindness does exist. We also hope to inform our followers of the help that is readily available in our community as well as the help that is so desperately needed.  The Compassion Project was created for Denver, helping families continue to shine bright and achieve all that we can dream of.

Our second adventure in our Compassion Project happened January 20th 2018 with a visit to A Precious Child in Broomfield, CO. A Precious Child is a Non-Profit Organization in Colorado that provides children in need with opportunities and resources to empower them to achieve their full potential in life. One way they have empowered many Denver families, is through the Precious Essentials Program. In this program they ensure that each family has the basic essentials needed to live life comfortably. To do this, they created a store for families in need, that offers items such as coats, shoes, toiletries, home goods and other essentials. These items are donated from homes throughout the community, and then sorted and placed in the store where families shop with “points” for the items needed. Other programs that A Precious Child offers to families throughout Denver include the Fill a Backpack Drive for “Back to School” and A Precious Gift Program. With over 180,000 children living in poverty in Colorado, an organization such as A Precious Child, is a life changer to many families which is why Media Myndz was honored to help.

Non-Profit Organizations are critical to communities however they take a lot of hard work to stay in business and many times organizations rely on volunteering from members of the community to help. A Precious Child, for example needs over 4,000 volunteers each year to help them if they plan to achieve their mission. At Media Myndz, we were excited to volunteer and arrived at the Donation Center ready to get to work. Our job was to sort through donated clothing and get it ready for families in need. The donated items of clothing that we sorted through and ended up choosing for families were in beautiful condition. “I think A Precious Child is a wonderful program. So many people in our community are at need of assistance, especially during the cold winter months. I think it’s great that A Precious Child works with families to get them essentials they need to live their life.” Said Dezirae Carlin, Owner of Media Myndz. Overall, it was another wonderful experience on our Compassion Project journey.  Working with other volunteers at the Donation Center was a lot of fun and the spirit of kindness that hung in the air, while we volunteered was great. Everyone seemed happy to be organizing clothes, sweeping the warehouse and overall just happy to be a member of the community being of service, helping our beautiful city continue to shine bright.

Interested in volunteering at A Precious Child? With many Group Activities and individual projects, all that directly benefit children and families in need, your help would be greatly appreciated. Contact A Precious Child to learn how you can volunteer.

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  1. Floby January 22, 2018 at 9:28 pm - Reply

    The world needs more of this. And protecting the future generation is always and should be number one to our list as parents! I enjoyed reading this one. ♡♡♡

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