The Science Behind Digital Marketing

//The Science Behind Digital Marketing
The Science Behind Digital Marketing 2017-11-06T16:38:02+00:00

The Science Behind Digital Marketing & Social Media

Whether you own a small business or a large one, Marketing is key to your survival. Marketing is defined as the different methods used to connect with an audience and gain their attention to promote a product or service. With a definition such as that, it’s a no brainer why marketing is important to companies everywhere. To be successful in Marketing, businesses must connect to people by meeting them where they spend most time of their time. This has significantly changed over the last few years.

In the past, newspapers and magazines were popular items for people to read thus making it a popular marketing source. Print Marketing is unfortunately dying as technology continues to boom and the internet continues to grow. This my friends, is where Digital Marketing comes into play. In today’s world, businesses must market to their audience on the internet. With much of the population connected like glue to their cell phones, people spend hours on end connected to the internet. If we dive a bit deeper into the trend emerging of online advocates, we will see millions of users on Social Media platforms. In our growing society, people are thought to be deeply engraved into Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. Whether they are communicating with loved ones, shopping, leaving reviews or simply staying connected, Businesses would be silly to not take advantage of the Social Media world. If businesses are hoping to continue growing and competing with their competitors they are finding that it is crucial to be online right along side of their customers. What better way to gain more customers than joining them where their heart is.

In the past, Marketing has been compared to gambling due to a belief that companies throw money towards certain efforts and hope to gain more then they originally invested. Viewing Marketing as scientific rather than guess work can help companies to understand that it’s more about education then it is about the luck of the draw. Companies can grow their Marketing quickly by investing their time correctly. To do this, they must create a strategic Marketing plan rather than wasting time on the guessing game. Once broken down into a few small elements the science behind Digital Marketing is rather simple. By taking the time to consider certain essential elements, companies can grow exponentially when building an online presence.

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