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Email Marketing’s Most Essentials

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Ready to join millions of other companies in the Digital Communication Era? Email Marketing is exactly as it sounds- A type of Digital Marketing where companies use electronic mail (Emails) to communicate with their customers. Email Marketing can be used in many ways by organizations such as focusing on brand building, acquiring or converting customers, promoting

Platinum Platform Performance: Science Behind Digital Marketing

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The third highlighted area in The Science behind Digital Marketing series by Media Myndz, is Tracking your Platforms Performance. Everyone wishes to have Platinum Platform Performance however to get there a company must analyze their efforts. Tracking the content that your company places online is key when diving into Digital Marketing and many companies don't have

Engaging an Audience: Social Media & Digital Marketing

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So far, in our blog series on The Science Behind Digital Marketing we have touched on the importance of Marketing as well as some of the key pieces to a successful Marketing plan. We began this series by discussing how and where to build a presence for your company online. Just like location is important when