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Email Marketing’s Most Essentials

Ready to join millions of other companies in the Digital Communication Era?

Email Marketing is exactly as it sounds- A type of Digital Marketing where companies use electronic mail (Emails) to communicate with their customers. Email Marketing can be used in many ways by organizations such as focusing on brand building, acquiring or converting customers, promoting company offers and more. Over the past year, Email Marketing continue to gain popularity with businesses as more and more companies began to communicate with their audience with a simple click of a mouse. 2017 brought on a total of over 3.5 billion email users world-wide with almost 90% of business professionals and over 70% of millennials preferring email to communicate. With much of our population favoring email to communicate, it makes sense that a company would utilize this tool in their marketing plan. According to research conducted by Content Marketing Institute, when business were surveyed and asked to name the top tactics they use to market to their customers, 92 percent cited social media as the most used, followed by 83 % that cited Email Marketing. So where does a company start? How does one “join” this popular trend? If creating an Email Marketing plan seems daunting, it’s best to start off with the basics.

How can you master something you don’t fully understand? Start with four areas:
1. Your Audience
2. Your Strategy
3. Your Creation
4.Your Success
These are the keys to creating a successful Marketing Plan.

Defining your Audience
When advertising a product or service, the first question you should ask yourself is, what type of customer are you hoping to attract? To define your audience in detail will take a fair amount of time, however once completed, you will have created a clear picture of what type of person you are targeting. Understanding your audience will allow you to research in detail what makes them tick. As you analyze their demographics and psychographics you will learn how and where you can reach them
After defining your ideal audience, you can build a relevant contact list of people who will receive your marketing. Successful contact lists are created by gathering a legitimate list of people who are interested in your product or service verses paying for email lists. Although in the past companies may have spent millions of dollars buying email addresses, many found that method generated a low ROI. As time went by, it was proven to be more beneficial to organically grow their contact list. Companies utilize a vast amount of resources to gain contact information however many find that being simple and up-front seems to work best. When asking customers to subscribe to a contact list, it’s important to create clear expectations up front. Telling your customers exactly what they can expect from you, in terms of frequency and types of emails that they will receive, will generate the best results. Being up front with customers will lead to people signing up to receive the emails, whose genuine interest may spark higher open rates. Being up front will also allow customers to be informed on what they were subscribing too which creates less “Opt-Out” requests in the future and an overall higher number of leads that turn to revenue.

Designing your Strategy
Now that you know who your audience is, where to find them and how to get their attention, it’s time to get creative and design the strategy that will do just that. To determine the next move to make, you must first think outside the box and analyze where you are and where you want to go. Outline some goals, long term and short term which will help to point you in the direction of where to start. If you’re like me, and more of a visual learner try this-Imagine you’re going on a first date, and you want to impress the person you are meeting. You will presumably decide to dress nice and attempt to say the right things throughout the date. It’s a natural characteristic that humans share, to want to impress an item they are trying to attract. The same way you strategize on ways to “market” yourself on your date, you will want to strategize to “market” your product to its audience.

Creation of Content
Content Creation is a difficult subject to briefly explain as it is made up of many elements however, every Email Advertisement sent out should have certain checkpoints that remain constant in each campaign. These checkpoints will be called “Content Constants” as they remain the same, despite the company you are marketing for. In less than 250 words and in a systematic sequence, Content Constants include an enticing subject, predictive pre-header to hook the readers and end with a call to action. Emails should be designed simply to allow reader to easily digest its message.

Measuring Success
It’s exciting when success comes in numbers however tracking those numbers is crucial. Once an email campaign is sent out, companies can track how well an email “performed” by analyzing the number of people that opened it, clicked on it, deleted it etc. It’s recommended to send out different versions of an email to track which strategy “performed” better. With different campaign analytics side by side, you can measure more successfully what Marketing Strategies worked best.
With only 4 Steps to a successful Marketing Plan it’s an easy plan to master. To market your company is to invest in it. Are you ready to invest in yours? Join the millions of others investing in this digital environmentally simple way to communicate. Contact Media Myndz to learn more 719-308-8175 .

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