MaxFund Animal Shelter- February Compassion Project

//MaxFund Animal Shelter- February Compassion Project

MaxFund Animal Shelter- February Compassion Project

Although February brings to mind loving thoughts for most, this February Media Myndz & friends focused on loving part of our community that often gets ignored- our communities animals. This month, we chose to show our love by volunteering at the MaxFund Animal Shelter for our February Compassion Project. MaxFund Animal Shelter is a No Kill Animal Shelter located in Denver, CO and one we felt inspired to help to continue its mission. When volunteer day arrived, our team was ready and willing to get dirty in the name of love… even if it was only PUPPY love.

Increasing in popularity as people become more educated, No Kill Shelters are a great piece of our community and considered by some as one of Denvers hidden gems. NO Kill Animal Shelters are considered safer then typical shelters. No Kill Shelters accept all animals that are considered healthy or treatable even if the shelter is considered full. Compared to other shelters where Sickness and Behavioral issues are two common reasons animals struggle to become adopted and in turn are euthanized. At MaxFund, animals are only euthanized if it is in the humane interest of the animal. Animals with behavior issues or an illness, are properly cared for at MaxFund until their forever homes are found.

MaxFund was started in 1988 by Dr. Bill Suro and his wife Nanci Suro. Dr. Suro was a veterinarian as well as an avid animal lover. The couple ran an animal hospital with 24-hour emergency care and were introduced to a dog (later named Max) who had been hit by a car and badly injured. The Suros began collecting money to help pay for the Max’s costly medical expenses such as surgery and medicine. As money poured in, it was a great feeling to see the community come together. After collecting enough money to pay for the Max’s procedure, the couple decided to start the “MaxFund” Animal Shelter to keep the spirit of giving alive.

Having the ability to find every animal their own “forever home” would be great however it comes with a high price tag and needs the community’s support. This is what lead Media Myndz, to choose MaxFund as our February Compassion Project. Media Myndz Compassion Project aims to support local organizations that we feel are important to the community, so we felt MaxFund was perfect.“Upon hearing about the No Kill Shelter, I was immediately interested in reaching out and learning what we could do to support an organization that does such wonders for the animals in our community” said Dezirae Carlin, President of Media Myndz. When Volunteer Day arrived, we had a new group of people there to help. Dressed in our finest “cleaning clothes” we were excited to get working. To begin, we were separated into teams and given tasks such as Laundry, Dishes, Sweeping and other general cleaning tasks. It was interesting seeing all the hard work and dedication that went into a typical day at MaxFund. After we finished cleaning, we were introduced to the animals who were up for adoption. To many of the volunteers, this was the best part and one they had been looking forward to all day. For the rest of the volunteers it took everything in us- to not bring home every animal in the shelter.

If you are interested in donating to MaxFund you can find information here. If you are interested in adopting an animal, please do so- Click here to learn more about the Adoption Process


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