Platinum Platform Performance: Science Behind Digital Marketing

//Platinum Platform Performance: Science Behind Digital Marketing

Platinum Platform Performance: Science Behind Digital Marketing

The third highlighted area in The Science behind Digital Marketing series by Media Myndz, is Tracking your Platforms Performance. Everyone wishes to have Platinum Platform Performance however to get there a company must analyze their efforts. Tracking the content that your company places online is key when diving into Digital Marketing and many companies don’t have the time to do this effectively. Unless a company tracks how its online content performs, the value of that content is small, if any. Examining the content placed online is a way for a company to spend each marketing dollar in an effective manner.

Noticing that your companies page has more followers each day is exciting however, Performance Tracking goes deeper than just watching your list of followers grow. It’s important that a company understands how much each marketing effort generated in terms of dollars and compare it to what it cost the company to create. By doing this companies are able to see where their digital marketing budget is best spent.  Over time, companies who analyze their efforts begin to see what works, what didn’t work and why. Most importantly, if they find something that didn’t work, it prevents companies from continuing to waste money on a marketing trend that isn’t effective for them.

When “time is money” and there isn’t much extra to go around, websites that can help make use of time wisely become a companies best friend. Websites such as Buffer, Brandwatch and Hootsuite allow businesses to break down Social Media performance in many helpful ways. Utilizing Hootsuite for example, companies are able to see how each post performed as well as create reports to track the information. Nothing feels better than quantifying Marketing Efforts, watching the success grow in numbers and being able to explain the reason behind the growth.

It’s easy to see why Digital Marketing can be looked at as a gamble, however when following certain guidelines companies are able to take the gamble and turn it into a digital science. The simplicity outlined in this blog series might make some wonder why every company isn’t putting a greater effort into focusing on a simple marketing plan however the answer is equally simple, time. Not every business is large enough to employee someone to spend the time researching a tactical marketing plan.

This is where companies that are dedicated to helping other businesses grow come to mind. Companies such as Media Myndz, that have the time to not only create unique marketing plans for businesses, but also assure they are followed through with, can be valuable assets. By allowing a dedicated team to research your clients and post content that will grab attention and generate leads, allow business to spend their time elsewhere. Take a moment to browse our packages and get your free quote today!

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