Proper Site Presence- Science Behind Digital Marketing

//Proper Site Presence- Science Behind Digital Marketing

Proper Site Presence- Science Behind Digital Marketing

Let’s get the ball rolling and dive deep into the Science Behind Digital Marketing. First things first, if you are going to create a Marketing Plan isn’t it important to know where and to whom you are speaking too? You want an audience of potential customers of course. The question to ask yourself however is where can you find these potential customers? The first step to a successful Digital Marketing Plan is knowing which online platforms you want to be featured on. As our online communities grow rapidly, there are many Social Media platforms available for businesses to market themselves on. Before you brush aside this article in the thought that Social Media is a useless fad…do your research, this fad has been around for quite some time and has yet to die out. Rather than researching Social Media, businesses either stay in the dark ages content on older ways of marketing or find themselves frustrated and uneducated about which sites are effective for them and which sites are a waste of time. Time is money, so being educated about which platforms will effectively help a business verses waste its time, is important. Many companies however don’t have the time to research this themselves and give up. Hang in there, companies such as Media Myndz can help you with this. So, take a deep breath, read on and enjoy this article.

Depending on what type of business you have, will depend on which platforms and websites you will want to invest time marketing on. To understand which platforms you will want to utilize, it’s important to understand what kind of business you have. B2B companies (companies that sell to other businesses as customers) will want to focus on different areas online then the B2C companies (businesses who sell to the general consumer). By understanding where your clients are most likely to go online, it makes it easier to understand what areas should be focused on. For B2B companies, LinkedIn for example has been found to have the greatest return on investment. Since companies are utilizing LinkedIn as a networking source, why not use that platform to market to them as well? For B2C companies it will depend on the products or services you are providing. Businesses focusing on beauty products may find that Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube are where they find most of their potential clients. Restaurants may want to focus on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. A simple hint to learning the best Social Media sites to feature your company on is to research your competition, and see where they can be found. It may seem like cheating, however what better way to see how a platform performs then to see how its worked for your competitors?

Digital Marketing is simple and yet surprisingly underrated and underutilized. Spending time getting to know your companies’ consumers and learning to successfully market to them online will do wonders. Trust me, the time spent researching will prove to be time well spent. On the flip side, if time is something you don’t have much of, as stated earlier in this article there is plenty of help available. Contact Media Myndz at 719-308-8175 or for a free quote today. Remember, a Marketing Plan isn’t solid unless it is backed up by valuable research. Find out more about this research in the next blog featured in The Science Behind Digital Marketing blog series.

If you have found this blog series helpful so far, please comment below. Or, if you have found other sites not mentioned in this blog to be helpful, share your thoughts and ideas. Networking is important, so lets Network away! We love to hear from you!

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