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Social Media

Our Social Media Services were created to uniquely cater to each of our clients.  With 3 areas of concentration we focus on implementing a strategy to help businesses grow by increasing brand awareness, build relationships and increase website traffic. 

Brand Awareness  

Social Media is a great way to allow your followers to feel connected with your company. By increasing word of mouth, referrals and overall brand awareness companies have noticed significant growth.

Relationship Building  

Allowing your customers to follow you on Social Media will give them a chance to get to know your company and better associate with your brand. This will increase sales by generating a personal connection between your company and its customers. By creating this personal connection it will encourage customers to buy your products and services because they will feel comfortable with you as brand.

Increase Website Traffic

Your Social Media pages will contain call to action phrases that will entice followers to visit your website. With the option of creating Social Media Ads to stay in your viewers minds, your website views will increase dramatically.

Social Media Services

Social Media Consultation
Interested in running your own Social Media campaign however not sure where to start? If you are just starting out this package is for you! We will begin with creating an analysis including your business plan, competition comparison, strategies and tactics to growth. Next, we will also create profiles on up to (3) platforms for you to individually begin to build.

Social Media Audit
Have you started your Social Media campaign however you are seeing little to no results? How do you feel you compare with your competition? With Media Myndz Social Media Auditing Service we will conduct as comprehensive assessment and suggest opportunities for growth as well as a competition comparison.

Social Media Management- “The Works”

At Media Myndz we understand companies are busy and might not have the time to manage their own Social Media. If you fall under that category allow Media Myndz to manage your social media for you! In this package we will create & update a monthly calendar that is shared with you to edit or approve as you wish. We will also create a Tracking Report you will get each month to track your social progress. This package includes bi-weekly meetings if interested to discuss progress, changes etc

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