The Game of Marketing

//The Game of Marketing

The Game of Marketing

One common belief when it comes to marketing is that success is based on luck rather then skill. Luck however, plays a very little role…if any, in a well-designed Marketing Plan. Business owners who “are not interested in wasting money on a gamble” allow this misconception to prevent them from reaching their true potential when it comes to marketing their company. As an experienced Digital Marketing company, we are here to share with you that realistically, a successful marketing plan is achieved through research, content creation and consistency.

Understanding the basics when it comes to marketing is valuable however understanding what works for your SPECIFIC industry is important as well. It’s time to put away any Marketing Manuals you may have from the 90’s. You need to know what works in today’s industry and guess what? The marketing landscape changes constantly which means something that may have worked great two years ago might not work today.

I recommend finding industry specific news sites to follow, joining relevant email marketing lists and even subscribing to channels on YouTube geared towards educating you about your industry. Maybe even follow a competitor or two and see what they have up their sleeves. It can’t hurt, can it? This is your in! This is how you can know what’s going on throughout your industry.

Another component to research is your Target Market, AKA your “potential customers”. Researching your Target Market is critical and will allow a company to better understand their “potential” customers as well as understand key ways to reach them.

Content Creation

Since you’ve already learned about your customers through solid research, you understand their interests and behaviors. Your next task is to utilize this information and create a Content Marketing strategy. Content Marketing involves creating and sharing different materials (such as videos, blogs, and social media) online that aim at educating and entertaining your followers. Sharing marketing content that is up to date and considered valuable will be appreciated by your audience more than always being ready to give them sales pitch. Remember, you don’t want to talk AT your customers you want to talk WITH them. Emmy winning producer, speaker and brilliant Content Marketer David Beebe, explained it perfectly when he compared Content Marketing with going on a first date. “If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date”. In other words, don’t just talk about your company- talk about things your audience wants to hear about. This will keep their attention and keep them coming back to hear more.

Solid research and creative content will have little results unless consistently demonstrated. Your success in marketing will be directly impacted by how consistent you are. Robert Collier understood this concept when he said, “Success is the sum of smart efforts, repeated day in and day out”. If you want to stay in your customers line of vision, then you must consistently be in front of their eyes. According to Marketing Week, customers enjoy emotional rather than rational marketing messages.

Marketing doesn’t have to be a game of luck when the cards are played correctly. To grow to its potential, a business must dedicate time to rigorous research, creative content and consistent viability. Don’t allow time to be a restraint that holds your company back from achieving true success. Reach out for help- Media Myndz, would be happy to help get you back on track or start you in the right direction. 2018 is the year to dominate your marketing plan- with strategy NOT luck!

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